South Carolina Child Care Inclusion Collaborative

Pyramid Community of Practice

Comprised of individuals around the state who have received advanced training in Pyramid Model practices, the goal of the Community of Practice is to form a network of professionals who are engaged in providing professional development to strengthen the early childhood workforce's ability to promote healthy social and emotional development in young children. 

The Community of Practice will include activities and events that support the implementation of Pyramid Model practices in early care and education settings to promote young children’s social and emotional wellbeing and to prevent the use of exclusionary practices as a response to challenging behavior.

Webinars, Newsletters, and training events will

  • Reflect the members’ interests
  • Highlight South Carolina Pyramid Model implementation initiatives
  • Promote available local and national resources, such as updates from the National Center for Pyramid Model Innovation


For more information about the Pyramid Model Community of Practice, contact Carrie Trivedi.