Developmental Screening

Are the children in your program on track with their development? 

The South Carolina Child Care Inclusion Collaborative offers training and coaching for child care providers to incorporate developmental screening into their program using the ASQ-3.

Screening Options: 

  • ASQ-3 Hard Copy: This is a good option if you would like to complete developmental screening on paper. 
  • SC Ages and Stages Questionnaire Online: This is a good option if you would like to complete the developmental screening using technology.


  • SC-CCCCD certified training
  • Follow-up coaching to support use of screening in your program
  • All materials needed to use the ASQ

What are the benefits of developmental screening? 

  • Learn more about the development of the children in your care
  • Identify developmental concerns as early as possible
  • Discover ways to support children's next developmental steps
  • Engage with families about their child's development 

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