South Carolina Child Care Inclusion Collaborative

Professional Development

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The Inclusion Collaborative provides on-site and virtual training tailored to the needs of each child care program to build and enhance their capacity to engage in evidence-based inclusive practices. Our training delivery model includes classroom consultation that supports provider's implementation of the training material.

We have developed online training modules on various topics that are certified for child care training credit through SC Endeavors. These modules are offered at no cost to providers.

We also provide training to increase care providers and the community members awareness of the importance and benefits of inclusion for children, families, and society.

All trainings are certified through SC Endeavors. Therefore, child care providers will receive child care training credit when participating in Inclusion Collaborative training.

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Coaching & Consultation

Our Inclusion Specialists provide coaching and consultation to child care providers as part of a professional development plan to support child care providers in implementing the use of evidence-based inclusive practices in their classrooms. Coaching and Consultation is individualized to each provider's needs based their needs, priorities, and concerns.

What is Practice-Based Coaching?

In partnership with the Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood at the University of Florida, we identified key teaching practices that support inclusion. We provide coaching using the Practice-Based Coaching Model to support teachers to implement these inclusive practices in their classroom.

Practice-Based Coaching (PBC) is a cyclical process for supporting the use of effective, evidence-based practices that lead to positive outcomes for children and families as seen in the model. PBC occurs within the context of collaborative partnerships and each component of the cycle is designed to inform actions taken by the coach and teacher.

The components that make up the model include:

  1. Shared Goals & Action Planning
  2. Focused Observation
  3. Reflection & Feedback

Taken together, all help the recipient of coaching reach desired outcomes for improvement and refinement of their implementation of evidence-based practices.

Source: Snyder, P. A., Hemmeter, M. L., & Fox, L. (2015). Supporting implementation of evidence-based practices through practice-based coaching. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 35(3), 133-143.; displayed by permission.

What is Consultation?

Consultation is a short-term professional development offering that supports teachers to implement evidence-based inclusive teaching practices in their classrooms. We also offer consultation for administrators to support the development and implementation of program policies.

We provide professional development on the following topics:

  • Inclusive Teaching Practices
  • Healthy Social-Emotional Development
  • Preventing and responding to challenging behavior
  • Modifications and Adaptations
  • Developmental Screening and Referrals
  • Teaming and Collaboration
  • Policy Development
  • Accessing Community Resources